Journal articles and peer-reviewed conference proceedings

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    Winner of the AIS SIGHealth 2016 Best Paper Award Competition

Pre-prints and under review

  1. S. Adhikari*, S. Rose and S-L. T. Normand. Nonparametric Bayesian Instrumental Variable Analysis: Evaluating Heterogeneous Effects of Arterial Access Sites for Opening Blocked Blood Vessels. arXiv preprint. (Revision under review.)
  2. T. Sweet and S. Adhikari*. A latent space model for network influence. (Revision under review.)
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  6. J. V. Spertus, S. Adhikari* and S-L. T. Normand. Regularization and hierarchical prior distributions for adjustment in health care claims data: rethinking comorbidity score . arXiv preprint.